The ESL Edge 2 How to Teach English as a Second Language Like a Pro

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    One of the principal benefits of this title is the approach we’ve taken to organizing these essentials.
    While other BusyTeacher books are designed to help you with lesson plans for one subject or improvement in one teaching dimension, this book provides you with a “jumping off” point for enhancement all over your classroom, from designing learning centers to helping students self-correct, and even better relations in the teachers’ lounge. Instead of being stuck in first gear, wondering how to improve bland areas of your class or making the same mistakes, kick it up to the highest speeds with the expert essentials of ESL Edge 2!
    • 41 sections with essential expert tips to grow your ESL teaching experience
    • 285 step-by-step instructions to master the basics and harness the ESL essentials
    • 130 classroom tips all the experts know in areas like comprehension and participation
    • An overview for areas where ESL teachers need extra guidance from experts
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