Scholastic 5-Minute Daily Practice Vocabulary Grades 4-8

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    Help kids succeed in class and on tests with these fun, super-quick daily exercises that provide essential practice in math, reading and writing, social studies, and test taking-and help meet that standards. All it takes is 5 minutes a day! Perfect for starting the day, engaging fast finishers, or reviewing skills.
    Each activity in 5-Minute Daily Practice: Vocabulary is designed to stand alone. They are not presented in any particular order within each section. Choose activities based on skill or student appeal. Let your students have fun with the activities in 5-Minute Daily Practice: Vocabulary. Use them to enrich your classroom instruction and contribute to your goal of creating a classroom in which a love of words and a love of reading is nurtured.

    •Introduction ------------------------------------------------------ 4
    •Context clues and Etymology ----------------------------------- 5
    •Prefixes ----------------------------------------------------------- 20
    •Suffixes ----------------------------------------------------------- 30
    •Latin and Greek Roots------------------------------------------- 35
    •Synonyms -------------------------------------------------------- 42
    •Antonyms -------------------------------------------------------- 50
    •Homophones and Homonyms ----------------------------------- 54
    •Word Games ----------------------------------------------------- 57

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