Pearson StartUp 7 Teacher's Edition

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    StartUp is an innovative eight-level, general American English course for adults and young adults who want to make their way in the world and need English to do it. The course takes students from CEFR A1 to C1 and enables teachers and students to track their progress in detail against the Global Scale of English (GSE) Learning Objectives. StartUp helps your students develop the spoken and written language they need to communicate in their personal, academic, and work lives. In each lesson, you help students build the collaborative and critical thinking skills so essential for success in the 21st century. StartUp allows students to learn the language in ways that work for them: anytime, anywhere. The Pearson Practice English App allows students to access their English practice on the go. Additionally, students have all the audio and video fi les at their fi ngertips in the app and on the Pearson English Portal.
    • Series: StartUp 8 Levels
    • ISBN: 978-0135180822
    • Author: Ken Beatty, Series Consultant
    • Publisher: Pearson Longman Publishers
    • Year: 2020
    • Language: American English
    • Paperback: 368
    • Size: 30,4 MB
    • Format: PDF-TRUE
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