[PDF+CD] Telc English A2-B1 Handbook

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    Telc English A2-B1 is a dual-level examination. It tests general language competence at two levels and can be taken by anyone. What can you do at levels A2 and B1?At level A2 you can communicate in a simple way in typical everyday situations. In a familiar context you can hold short conversations. You can use simple grammatical structures correctly. At level B1 you can communicate in a simple and connected way in everyday situations, while travelling and when talking about topics that are of personal interest. You can describe experiences, hopes and ambitions and give reasons for opinions. On the whole you can use the most important grammatical structures correctly.
    • It contains:
    • 1.Reading Comprehension;
    • 2.Language Elements;
    • 3.Listening Comprehension;
    • 4.Writing;
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