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[PDF+CD] Macmillan Guide to Economics Student's Book

Discussion in 'English for Careers' started by banhbo002, Oct 1, 2018.

  1. banhbo002

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    The purpose of the Macmillan Guide to Economics TMC is to help students master their initial knowledge of economics in English and introduce them to the fundamental questions of economic theory. Modern authentic material provides students and students with the opportunity to improve their speech skills and skills and at the same time become familiar with the basics of economic theory.
    • Disclosure of intersubject connections in the process of teaching English;
    • Expanding the knowledge of students and students in the field of biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics and economics is carried out in English;
    • Availability of audio recordings for all texts;
    • Development of skills and abilities necessary for oral and written communication in situations of communication at the international level;
    • Development of skills of translation from English into Russian;
    • English-Russian dictionary;
    • A book for teachers in Russian with keys and comments.
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