[PDF+CD] Hot English Magazine No 168 May 2016

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    The latest issue of Hot English (168 – the May issue) is out now! Learn over 300 useful words and expressions and improve your listening skills with Learn Hot English! This month: Find out how to ask questions in English. Plus, 15 useful expressions to use at the swimming pool, 10 useful words and expressions for talking about musical instruments, 7 ways to make a suggestion, 8 useful expressions phrasal verbs, 8 idioms, 8 useful phrases for talking about stopping... plus:
    • Language – confusing words.
    • Speaking – common errors.
    • Games – crossword and wordsearch.
    • Humour – funny funerals.
    • Sport – the Olympics.
    • Film – stars who died young.
    • Phone – booking a room.
    • Work – sleeping at work.
    • Slang – our dictionary of slang.
    • Nature – the platypus.
    • Urban – Parkour.
    • The office – jobsworths.
    By reading and listening to all this great content, you'll improve your English reading and listening skills and learn up to 300 useful words or expressions. Plus, you'll get a better job and pass English-language exams more easily. Guaranteed!

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