[PDF+CD] Hot English Magazine No 163 December 2015

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    Hot English Magazine * Issue 12/2015
    HEP | English | Number 163 | MP3, 1CD | 101.6 MB
    Hi everybody and welcome to another issue of Learn Hot English magazine – the fun magazine for learning English. This month, ind out how to end a conversation in English.
    This is extremely useful, especially if you want to stop someone talking. We’ll also be showing you lots of diferent ways to signal the end of the conversation and how to actually say goodbye. Of course, that’s not all and we’ve got lots more fun things for you to read and listen to so you can learn lots of useful English. In our history section, we’ll be looking at England’s bloodiest king: King Henry VIII. Find out about his wives (including the ones he had executed) and how he broke with the Catholic Church to form the Church of England.
    On the topic of language, we’re looking at some problems with the comma, and you can ind out how to speak Franglais – a mixture of English and French! Plus lots, lots more! Well, we hope you enjoy reading and listening to this issue of Learn Hot English. Have fun, learn lots of English and see you all next month!
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    Hot English Magazine No 163 December 2015

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