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    -An approach which recognises that vocabulary does not just mean single words: compounds, phrases, and even, on occasions, whole sentences can be items of vocabulary.
    -Ideas and activities to help students to become more efficient vocabulary learners. These include suggestions for storing words, remembering them, and recycling them.
    -Constant encouragement throughout to make full use of the context, dictionaries, fellow students, the teacher, knowledge of the world, and so on. In this way, students are creatively involved in the learning process and should, over a period of time, become much more self-reliant.
    -A wide range of exercise types to keep students motivated and cater for a range of different learning styles. -An attempt throughout the material to provide students with the opportunity to use the vocabulary they are learning and so facilitate long term retention.
    • Paperback: 95 pages
    • Publisher: Cambridge University Press 1997
    • Language: English
    • ISBN-10: 0-521-47777-8
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