Most Common Classroom Management and Lesson Planning Mistakes We Make

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    This book has solutions for ESL teachers written by ESL teachers.
    When you have a problem with your car, you don't take it to a computer store and ask the tech specialist for his opinion. You take it to a mechanic! Only those with experience in the ESL field understand the most common problems in this profession, and that's why we've gathered the best advice available to tackle these situations from every angle, for those who want to be taken seriously as ESL professionals.
    • the causes of 25 common problems and how to fix them, featuring easy to follow instructions
    • 150 solutions. This ebook never features a "mistake" without solving it.
    • Sections specifically for online ESL teachers, high school ESL teachers, and new ESL teachers
    • Color-coded blue and green layout, so you can easily find sections, steps, tips, and takeaways
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