Mcgraw-Hill's Spanish And English Legal Dictionary

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    McGraw-Hill’s Spanish'and English Legal Dictionary is designed to help com¬ munication between people from different cultures. To this end, two impor¬ tant features characterize this dictionary. One is an extensive use of authoritative sources, like codes and legal writing, to provide definitions. The other is a thematic index, at the end, which allows a search by topic. This sec¬ ond feature is helpful when the reader knows what area he or she is inter¬ ested in, but is not aware of the exact word being searched. The possibility of researching by topic allows the dictionary to be used in non-conventional ways. For instance, a person who has a meeting to discuss a certain issue can go to the index, find entries related to that topic, and build up vocabulary by reading them.
    • Title: Mcgraw-Hill's Spanish And English Legal Dictionary
    • ISBN: 9780071415293
    • Author: Henry S. Dahl
    • Publisher: New York : McGraw-Hill
    • Year: 2004
    • Language: English; Spanish
    • Paperback: 520
    • Size: 22.86 MB
    • Format: PDF-SCAN
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