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    The chief benefit that a knowledge of Latin confers is the ability to read the works of the Roman authors, particularly those of the Golden and Silver Ages of Latin Literature, i.e. 60 BC-AD 100. This dictionary has been compiled with this in mind, and also with an eye to the ‘non-specialist’. To this end, the equivalents in the Latin-English section of the dictionary have been presented in as simple and ‘modern’ a form as possible, while at the same time the most important distinctions in meaning which each Latin word bears have been indicated. The vocabulary has been based on that commonly used by the authors of the period mentioned above, and a person who is acquainted with Latin grammar and the common forms of the Latin language should be able, with a little help from this dictionary, to read them without much difficulty. Teach Yourself Latin Grammar, by Gregory Klyve, may be of assistance to those who are not so acquainted, or whose memory has been dimmed by the passage of time.
    • Title: Latin Dictionary
    • ISBN: 9780340871232
    • Publisher: London : Teach Yourself
    • Year: 2003
    • Language: English; Latin
    • Paperback: 336
    • Size: 18.51 MB
    • Format: PDF-SCAN
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