How to Teach Teenagers Like a Pro

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    Teaching teenagers can be difficult.
    Regardless of their ESL language learning level, students at this age are learning so much personally and academically that they can be under tremendous pressure. They may seem to waver between too much anxiety to perform well at ESL to appearing unmotivated in class, perhaps even in the same week. Sometimes, the class is too talkative, but not in English, and sometimes you can’t get students to say a word. It definitely requires a special kind of teacher to take on a teenage ESL class. We’ve gathered all the most effective tips from our ESL teachers who work with teenagers, so that you’ll be prepared for anything.
    • 210 tips and tricks to help you bring out potential in teenage ESL learners
    • 95 step-by-step instructions on how to successfully teach teenagers
    • 60 "must read" tips that prepare teachers for an ESL teenage classroom
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