How to Teach Speaking Like a Pro

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    Speaking can be one of the most difficult things to get students involved in. Many teachers complain about even accomplished students becoming quiet and shy during speaking exercises. Our lessons will encourage student interest. There are lessons with games, some with plays, debates, and a few that give students opportunities to discuss things that matter to them, like their dreams and heroes. There are also tips for teachers, to help you manage some common problems like students who have trouble speaking up, or encouraging discussion in a multilevel classroom. We may not have universal secrets, but we do have methods tested rigorously by other ESL teachers to get your students to participate in group discussions, which may be even more valuable at the moment!
    • 40 articles divided into 10 sections, based on instructors’ needs and lesson type
    • 275 step-by-step instructions for preparing and teaching speaking like a pro
    • 110 tips for lessons that evoke students’ passions, like debates and dramas
    • 85 general ideas for speaking lessons appropriate at every learning level
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