How to Teach Reading Like a Pro

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    Often, individuals who aren’t familiar with the world of teaching ESL think that teaching reading must be simple.
    They imagine that teaching reading in another language must be like starting with a child. As an ESL professional, you know that it’s a completely different process! ESL students are often at a variety of reading levels in their native language, and they still need books that are on their intellectual level to remain interested, even though their English vocabulary may not be at an advanced level yet. It can become complex to keep them engaged and instill a love of English reading. This book has teacher-tested methods for this complicated and important subject.
    • 230 tips and tricks to give every student the best reading lessons possible
    • 90 "must read" tips for teachers before your next reading lesson
    • 50 ideas for enhancing lessons before, during and after reading
    • 65 tips for incorporating resources, like comics and poetry, into lessons
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