How to Teach Everyday English Like a Pro

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    This book is the answer for every ESL teacher who has ever struggled with translating some of the most difficult parts of everyday English. We realize that it isn't enough to master grammar or word choice in another language. Students will never feel comfortable interacting socially until they can handle the "small stuff," and we designed this book to help you prepare them for those exact interactions.
    As an ESL teacher, you might get wrapped up in making sure that the big things are covered like grammar and speech fluency. And you're right, these things are important! However, students will never be able to go out and use their new language skills without learning all of the little things English speakers take for granted. One of the biggest problems is that these "little" things that tie English conversations together can be the most difficult to explain to ESL speakers. This book has step-by-step instructions for the most difficult concepts to explain, such as figurative language. We cover it all, helping you turn your students into masters of small talk, polite interactions, apologies, conversation starters, idioms and slang.
    • 26 sections with step-by-step instructions for teaching
    • 150 tips to help your students master common English interactions
    • 50 ways to help your students master politeness
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