Essentials of Meteorology An Invitation to the Atmosphere 3rd Edition

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    This total learning package for the introductory meteorology course includes much more than a text--the book is packaged with the exciting Blue Skies? At the core of this learning package is Ahrens' respected text, which presents the fundamental concepts of meteorology in the context of everyday weather observations. Fun and easy to understand and relate to, the book and its cumulative organization enables students to build on each concept and gain greater understanding into the dynamic nature of the atmosphere.
    • 1. The Earth's Atmosphere.
    • 2. Warming the Earth and the Atmosphere.
    • 3. Air Temperature.
    • 4. Humidity, Condensation, and Clouds.
    • 5. Cloud Development and Precipitation.
    • 6. Air Pressure and Winds.
    • 7. Atmospheric Circulations.
    • 8. Air Masses, Fronts, and Middle Latitude Storms.
    • 9. Weather Forecasting.
    • 10. Thunderstorms and Tornadoes.
    • 11. Hurricanes.
    • 12. Air Pollution.
    • 13. Climate Change.
    • 14. Global Climate.
    • 15. Light, Color, and Atmospheric Optics.
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