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    The best part of the tips in this book is that we don't believe in providing an unfinished product. When you read the section on building a lesson about “advice,” you'll find tips for integrating brainstorming and grammar reviews, as well as the internet, newspapers and movie clips, and a chance to encourage student group work. The section on “weather” provides ideas that will help you integrate technology and let your students work on public speaking, accents, creativity, and even comedy. We didn't just use the alphabet as a half-baked idea for brainstorming a few ideas. We provided you with a full 26 letters worth of step-by-step lesson plans that will bring out the best in your students.
    • 26 step-by-step lesson plans filled with ideas
    • 8 printable high resolution bonus posters, including our popular “Classroom Management Mantra”
    • 95 tips and tricks for getting your students more active in the classroom
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