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Comparative Government And Politics: An Introduction 6th Edition

Discussion in 'Reference Textbooks' started by quanh.bv, Apr 1, 2022.

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    This edition retains the purpose of its predecessors: to provide a wide-ranging, contemporary and clearly written introductory text for courses in comparative politics, and for other introductory courses in politics and political science. We have retained the framework and chapter division used in the previous edition but we have added 14 new sections and subsections addressing current developments in the subject and the literature. We have also rewritten many existing sections and revised the entire book to provide more recent examples and references; to enhance clarity; and to take account of suggestions from readers and our own evolving appreciation of the subject matter.
    • Title: Comparative Government And Politics: An Introduction 6th Edition
    • ISBN: 978-1403913159
    • Publisher: Palgrave
    • Year: 2004
    • Language: English
    • Paperback: 368
    • Size: 5.84 MB
    • Format: PDF-TRUE
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