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    We are delighted you have decided to buy the Collins French Travel Dictionary and hope you will benefit from using it whether you are travelling abroad for pleasure or on business. This dictionary provides up-to-date coverage of all the French you will need, in a clear and user-friendly layout. The emphasis is on contemporary language, with numerous examples of idiomatic usage which will enable you not only to understand but also to communicate with confidence. A special feature of the dictionary is the KEYWORD entries which highlight the most frequently-used words in both languages and treat them in depth. In addition, pronunciation is shown throughout in the International Phonetic Alphabet to help you with unfamiliar words.
    • Title: Collins French Travel Dictionary
    • ISBN: 9780004710150
    • Publisher: [Glasgow] : HarperCollins
    • Year: 1996
    • Language: English; French
    • Paperback: 452
    • Size: 29.01 MB
    • Format: PDF-OCR
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