College Writing from Paragraph to Essay Student's Book

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    College Writing, for learners of American English, is a semi-academic writing course that takes college students from paragraph structuring to essay writing through a process approach. The areas covered include generating ideas, organizing, drafting, reviewing and revising. In the back of the Student’s Book there is additional sample and reference material, including models of essay development and a punctuation guide.
    • 1. Pre-Writing: Getting Ready to Write
    • 2. The Structure of a Paragraph
    • 3. The Development of a Paragraph
    • 4. Descriptive and Process Paragraphs
    • 5. Opinion Paragraphs
    • 6. Comparison / Contrast Paragraphs
    • 7. Problem / Solution Paragraphs
    • 8. The Structure of an Essay
    • 9. Outlining an Essay
    • 10. Introductions and Conclusions
    • 11. Unity and Coherence
    • 12. Essays for Examinations
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