Building Application with MapObjects GIS and Mapping Components

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    Esri’s MapObjects Professional technology has been around for several years and now is a fairly mature product at version 2.1.The product’s goal has always been to allow programmers to implement GIS functionality into their own application. Our development started as an effort to create a viewer/editor for our commercially available redistricting product.The Commercial Redistricting product, autoBound was based on ArcView GIS and was to be used by more than half the states in the US and many County and Local agencies for the 2000 redistricting effort.The goal of the viewer product was to allow the public and non-technical staff to participate in the redistricting process. As we started to build this application, phase by phase, it soon became clear that we were replicating large portions of ArcView GIS.The viewer application needed a map display interface, a data display interface, charting capability, map layout tools and report functions.Since wholesale distribution of ArcView GIS to the public was not practical, we started on the process of building a standalone GIS using the MapObjects technology.
    • MapObjects 2.1
    • Map viewing and analysis
    • True DB Grid
    • Data grid display
    • Formula One
    • Spreadsheets
    • VT Chart
    • Charting
    • MapCanvas
    • In house developed Map
    • Layout control
    • Crystal Reports
    • Data Output
    • Dockit
    • Window docking
    • Active Toolsbars
    • Docking menus and tool bars
    • Active Listbar
    • Outlook style document manager
    • FTP
    • Internet Data Download
    • Zip Compression
    • Data Extraction
    • GIS and Mapping Components
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