An Introduction To Phonetics

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    Chapter one deals with the history of phonology and phonetics and provides a brief overview of the impact of philosophy and psychology on the emergence of phonology and phonetics. Chapter two defined the notion of phoneme, describes IPA phonetic alphabet, and distinguishes between board and narrow transcriptions. Chapter three and four provide an in-depth account of traditional and systematic articulatory phonetics, respectively. Chapter five discusses the place of suprasegmentals in phonology. Chapter six seeks to explain phonemics. Chapter seven provides a brief introduction to the rudiments of acoustic or physical phonetics. Chapter eight introduces the reader to the notion of auditory phonetics
    • Parviz Birjandi, An Introduction To Phonetics
    • Zabankadeh Publications | 2005 |
    • ISBN: 9646117570 |
    • Pages: 192 | File type:
    • PDF | 1.9mb
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