An Introduction to Foreign Language Learning and Teaching 2nd Edition

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    One of the original aims of the Introduction to Foreign Language Learning and Teaching was to provide an account of the field which was up to date, but which at the same time gave a historical perspective, showing where current ideas and developments have come from. This perspective, I still believe, is important if we are to understand where we are, and even where we may be going. Much water has flowed under the applied linguistic bridge since the first edition, and a main aim of the second edition has therefore been to update. Sometimes this has naturally resulted in a slight reduction or re-orientation of the historical perspective. But this perspective remains. As an example of the kind of change that has occurred: Edition 1 had two chapters on acquisition, dealing at some length with the views of scholars like Krashen and Schumann. These views are still covered, because they are important stepping stones towards more recent ideas (such as the concepts of ‘negotiation of meaning’ and ‘noticing’ which are the subject of much current attention). But in order to make room for consideration of these newer ideas, the older views are given a little less space.
    • Paperback:344 pages
    • Publisher: Pearson Education Limited, 2013
    • Language: English
    • ISBN-13: 978-1-4058-3617-3
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